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March 14, 2010

Remember When I Dressed Like Ant Man? Good Times.

OK, so you feebs are gonna die when ya hear this:

I’m in th’ supermarket (le supermarchet!) in France, ’cause I got this megamajor cravin’ fer some Snackes Au Francais (that’s French munchies ta you unedumacated feebs) an’ this dude comes up to me all, “Zut alors, mon ami! Etes-vous DEADPOOL?” an’ I’m all whippin’ out the heavy artillery ’cause ya know, guys comin’ up ta me ta ask who I am usually wanna kill me, an’ he kinda reminds me a’the guy who’s uncle I mighta maybe snuffed a few weeks ago — an’ then he goes, “Mais oui! Je t’adore! J’aime les questions auxquelles vous rรฉpondez sur le Twitter!” An’ then? He bought me all my snacks. SCORE.

So, random French dude who’s name was probably Pierre ’cause ev’ry French person is named Pierre: this one’s fer you!

Asked and Answered in 140 Characters Er Less

Part V: The Havartian Decade (When all th’ questions were soft an’ cheesy, an’ all th’ answers were delicious. Woo! (This decade has not yet been officially recognized by the International Commission on Stratigraphy, which I totally did not make up.))

@lastgeek asks: Is there anything you wouldn’t do for money?

@lastgeek Yeah, I wouldn’t fry a Smurf w/a magnifying glass (ScarletVulture, WHATUP I’d do that sh*t for FREE.

@bunnnn asks: what can I do to train and kick butt like you do cause im only a small bunny but your really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

@bunnnn Oldest trick in th’ book, wee furry creature: file those l’il teeth a’yers until they’re SHARP and POINTY! An’ then hide in a cave

RT @bunnnn – @ask_deadpool is tellin us a story about how he kicked captain america in the nads to get aliens out

RT @bunnnn – now @ask_deadpool is tellin me how my brass knuckles look like crepes I didnt know how to spell it

@bunnnn Sweet, little vorpal bunny! I like these. ๐Ÿ™‚

@gjrkow asks: that cuz he was not allowed to talk when he was u at the end??? they messed u up big time but maybe they do betta next time

@gjrkow Hellz yeah that’s why! Those fools din’t know what 2 do w/a good thing. WHERE’S MY LAWYER CALL HER IN HERE Oh hey She-hulk whatup?

@jenvargas asks: What do you think of @NASA?

@jenvargas I’ve been ta space. It’s kinda creepy out there sometimes. @NASA & the astronauts are killer-cool fer going up there alla time.

@jenvargas P.S. Have you heard my new band, @NASA and the Astronauts?

@jenvargas It’s me an’ Domino, a guitar, a bass, an’ a hamster on a wheel. #TRUFAX

@jenvargas P.S. Sometimes Rorschach does guest vocals, but we can’t get ‘im ta read th’ lyrics in full sentences. Crazy little man.

@jenvargas: @Ask_Deadpool That’s pretty cool, DP! I’ll bet you guys would kick Harry & the Potters’ butt in a Battle of the Bands!

@jenvargas Yeah, but I dunno ’bout Draco & the Malfoys. They might emo us ta death.

@I_Tenacious asks: Here’s one. Why the hell did Marvel set up another account for you if they/you aren’t doing jack with it?

@I_Tenacious WHO TO THE WHAT NOW? Where is this villain of whom you speaketh. Eth.


@I_Tenacious Thanks dude. …OH COME ON NOW, THIS AIN’T FAIR. If he don’t post somethin’, how can I reply an’ tell ‘im ta GET LOST.

@I_Tenacious Hey man, what’s th’ point’a havin minions if ya can’t get’em ta do yer work for ya. EVERYBODY TELL @RealDeadpool I’M TH’ BEST


GO MINIONS GO! RT @bunnnn @RealDeadpool i like @Ask_Deadpool hes tha best!!!!

@RealDeadpool BEWARE MY MINIONS WITH THEIR SHARP. POINTY. TEETH. (snicker-snack; snicker-snack. @bunnnn will getchya!)

@Jebroney says: id REALLY love it if there was a chance of u teaming up with weasel again…i miss poolboy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

@Jebroney Ya know, I think we need ta go storm th’ writers’ lair, ’cause I got a few suggestions as ta my supportin’ cast myself!

@ToughTom asks: Why is it all the other Deadpools on twitter are so sorry?

@ToughTom Cause all the other ones are pale copies of xeroxes of mimeographs of tracing-paper drawings of th’ REAL me. Which is ME. #TRUFAX

@RedHeartTart asks: Do you think you could take on Freddy Krueger?

@RedHeartTart Psshya, what’re ya, kiddin’ me? He can’t even leave town! You can beat him just by not being afraid! An’ I’m not afraid a’him

@gil_garcia asks: have you seen the Proposal yet?

@gil_garcia Yes. #ryanreynolds is SO DREAMY. Jus’ like me! That’s why he’ll be perfect ta play me soon.

@krazynate05 asks: What would @Ask_Deadpool do if a guy kissed your chick on the cheek even if the 2 are friends?

@krazynate05 HAHAHAHAHA show me th’ guy who’s nuts enough ta do that. MY BABE, DUDES. THAT MEANS BACK OFF. *grenade toss*

@bairdduvessa asks: does that meam you won’t get me Sandi’s number?

@bairdduvessa Hmm, not sure, dude. Do you have shifty eyes? A tendency ta beat women? If not, I might maybe could consider it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

@bairdduvessa: @ask_deadpool neither.

@bairdduvessa Weeeeellllll, I’ll see if she wants ta share. ๐Ÿ˜‰

@EdWaRdSgIrL4 asks: is ryan reynolds as good and cute in the proposal as in wolverine ??

@EdWaRdSgIrL4 CUTER. HE GETS NAKED which I totally didn’t watch because I am into women. Only women. Hot women. In conclusion: WOMEN.

@JLopezCostume asks: Deadpool/Transformers Michael Baysplosion Crossover, y/y?

@JLopezCostume Oh HELL no. Michael Bay? *makes warding sign* Who did The Dark Knight CAN I GET THAT PERSON?

@JLopezCostume: @Ask_Deadpool what if Michael Bay explodes too? Someone will pay to see that!

@JLopezCostume Only if Optimus Prime falls on ‘im outta the clear blue sky afterwards. ‘Cause that’d be kinda funny.

@I_Tenacious asks: Hey, did we ever get rid of that other jerk?

@I_Tenacious Nah, he;s still hangin’ around, not sayin’ a word. But I don’ care. We all know who the REAL “RealDeadpool” is: ME.

@I_Tenacious Actually, I figured out who that feeb is: he’s th’ version a’me from the FOX movie: aka Not Cool Deadpool.

@I_Tenacious That’s why he ain’t talkin’ – HIS MOUTH’S STILL SEWN SHUT. Hahahahaha.

@BuddhaBBuddhism asks: Ive read just about every deadpool comic (that i know of) But when does he get the other extra voices??

@BuddhaBBuddhism The voices are tellin’ me somethin’ about some dude named Daniel…Way…and salad tossing…Wolvie? Is that you??

@BuddhaBBuddhism Oh wait. Now th’ other voice is sayin’ somethin’ about tired gimmicks…HEY NOW. Nothin’ I do is tired. I RULE.

@fableboyblue asks: so you battling Dr. Doom (via @doomwar) for money or chicks or both? You should eat something before you take him on!

@fableboyblue Eh? That ain’t Doom. Doom wouldn’t talk ’bout Taylor Swift all the time. …Wait. Scratch that. Maybe he WOULD.

RT @fableboyblue has to be doom. NAY WAIT ITS LADY GAGA! I was fooled don’t let this happen you you kids!

@fableboyblue HEY NOW don’t you hate on @ladygaga; she’s my kinda crazy. She wore a cape made outta a polar bear AND SET IT ON FIRE.

@fableboyblue: @Ask_Deadpool most definitely not hating on @ladygaga. You have to respect multi-talent.

@fableboyblue Anyway, I think @ladygaga c’n actually SPELL. Plus: POLAR BEAR CAPE. ON FIRE. Yeah, that’s right, @Ask_Deadpool’s a fan.

@fableboyblue An’ women who wear masks alla time. Maybe @ladygaga is secretly a superhero/villainess. HEY IT COULD BE TRUE.

@fableboyblue: @Ask_Deadpool agreed. Akin to Dazzler, only…lots more flash.

@jadaily asks: I’m looking for a career change. What should I do?

@jadaily How ’bout citrus fruit dyer: Dunno if it’s hard work, but ya c’d prob’ly snack some while ya work!

@gjrkow asks: x-force annual was cool cuz u fought dead acolytes, so when u officialy join x-force?

@gjrkow Shhh, don’ tell! I’m already a super-secret member. So secret that not a single person knows I joined! Hah!

@HamjamIAm asks: If you had your way, what would you do about school buses?

@HamjamIAm I’d turn ’em inta portable awesomeness on wheels: hot tub school buses, pizza parlor school buses, observatory school buses…

@HamjamIAm moonwalk school buses (they’d be totally safe! *bounce bounce bounce*), armory school buses (fer when ya need a new grenade)…

@HamjamIAm fashion show school buses (shutup I ain’t gay; it’d attract hot models!), personal rock show buses (hello, Matthew Good show!)

@HamjamIAm …OK, now I’m really thinkin’ I gotta get some old buses and go ta work on this idea. Thanks, man!

@ToughTom asks: Do you think Longshot could “get lucky” whenever he wanted?

@ToughTom I think he’d have a real good chance at makin’ babies if that’s what he wanted. Since his aim’s so good. Hur hur hur.

@ToughTom Know what I’d love ta see? Longshot vs. Domino in An Affair of the Heart. An’ in a fight, too, a’course.

Hey! I think…I think that means I’m almost caught up on th’ ol’ Twitterfeed. Which…ah, damn. Guess I’ll hafta start answerin’ questions again, eh? Just kiddin’, kids. I LOVE YA AN’ YER QUESTIONS.

P.S. I heard a rumor t’day that my friend who said he was gonna draw some little pictures fer me drew ’em. Stay tuned!

January 25, 2010

Belated Christmas Presents Fer All! (Yeah, I never could keep track’a th’ holidays)

Gooooooood evening, my little chimichangas! How’s things out in th’ land o’ spice? Yeah, I don’ know either. But it doesn’t matter, ’cause I’m here ta tell ya how things are in th’ land o’ reindeer an’ candycanes an’ toys: they’re black-an-white-an-cool-all-over!

That’s right, feebs! foresthouse sent over those other black-an-white pics she’s been hintin’ at, an’ now, fer your very own viewin’ pleasure, I can present:

A little excursion inta th’ land’a misfit toys!

January 20, 2010

Amazing Artistry of the Adroitest Kind

Hey, all you krazy kids out there! Guess what my Number One Fan, foresthouse, just sent me? Go on, GUESS! Ah, you’ll never guess, so I’ll just tell ya! She sent me the black-an-white (a.k.a. pencil an’ ink) versions of that fun an’ freaky Doc Oc story from Deadpool 900. Remember that? The one with the ping-pong balls? YEAH.

Apparently the totally talented Nathan Massengill sent them to her, like, MONTHS ago, an’ she just now remembered ’em. WHAT A FEEB. Even if she is my biggest fan. ANYwhoodle, since I know how much y’all love my fearsome mug, in color OR in black-an-white, I’ma share these digital bits of art with you RIGHT NOW. (Pencils by Sanford “Racing Frogs Are Fun” Greene, inks by Nathan “Awesomest Guy Ever” Massengill.)

Yeah, I rock. Ya don’t need ta tell me. But you can anyway if ya want.

Yay! Now it’s arty time, arty time, ink ink ink!

March 5, 2009



Just when I was about ta celebrate my lil old journal havin’ FIFTY WHOLE READERS now (hello, readers!), I find out someone else out there in LJ land is claimin’ to be me. What’s up with this, yo? I didn’t even know I hadda stake my claim. MAN. Every time I look around, some yutz is pretendin’ t’be cool like ‘Pool. Whyizzat? I guess it’s just ’cause I’m so awesome. BUT STILL.

Look. It’s me. Right here. Here I am, at home in my kitchen! No paparazzi or fake ‘Poolmeister could get a picture like that, y’know?

And they don’t even got no way fer me ta challenge this mook! What is this “first come, first serve” junk? Where’s the part where I can challenge them to a duel fer my identity? THAT SHOULD BE IN THE RULES, FEEBS.

Hrmph. Well, just fer that, I’m gonna go ahead and…answer a question! TAKE THAT, fake ‘Poolster.

OK, now. This one here’s from tyrannicalalien, who asked me, way back in September (really, September? Great gourds of fire, I am a slacker!):

Dear Deadpool,

Who’d be your ideal sidekick, eh?

Well I guess I should assume we’re leavin’ out the obvious, here, right? I mean, it’s not like I’d choose him or nothing, but he does share some DNA with me and stuff…hem. Anyway, if we’re not talkin’ ’bout stupid jerks who left me behind to go off and try to save the world, then I guess I’d hafta say…

Rex the Wonder Dog!

(Crossovers’re allowed, right?)

I mean, who wouldn’t want a super-soldier sidekick who was smarter than most humans but didn’t constantly yammer on while you were tryin’ ta make a speech yerself? He can ride a horse! He can swing on vines! He beat up a T-Rex! It’s like having Captain American in canine form! Except I guess he’d have ta carry the shield in his teeth or somethin’. But whatever. Hands down, I’d take this pooch as a sidekick any day. Too bad he won’t return my calls.

Hmmm. I guess I got time fer one more before I gotta go find me a late night snack. Bob made Homocidal Ham and Cheese sandwiches earlier, but I ate ’em all before 3. Damn.

OK, then. amejisuto asks,

Dear Deadpool,

If you could guest star on any TV show, past or present, which one would you choose?


Oh, now, this one’s easy as crackin’ necks in Sunday School. (Uh, not that I ever cracked anyone’s neck durin’ Sunday School. Really. Scout’s honor!) No question about it, I’d pick FIREFLY! (What a shock, another great franchise FOX screwed up!) I mean, who the hell wouldn’t want t’be a SPACE COWBOY? Not to mention me’n’Jayne would obviously be best buds, once he acknowledged my superior skills (and gettin’ him ta do that would probably involve some fun knock-down drag-out fights, too! I promise I wouldn’t kill him or nothin’. He’s cool) and little Kaylee is the cutest piece of ass on two legs. RrrOWR. Sure, me an’ the Captain might have a tussle or two now and again, and I’d have no use fer the doctor at ALL, but I bet River and I could have some GREAT conversations. Don’tcha think?

Oh! Bob just yelled out from the kitchen that he’s finished makin’ his new Calotropis Calzones. I can’t wait to try one! Gotta go!

So until next time, keep ’em oiled and ready!