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July 31, 2010

The mail came! I got That Thing I Ordered! It’s like Christmas in July!!

H-hey guys! It’s me! Bob! Remember me? Your favorite sidekick? I know, I know – I haven’t said hi in awhile. It’s just that…well…Mr. Wilson, sometimes he doesn’t like other people touching his things, and I really, really like all my fingers. Even the little one that’s kind of crooked because I broke it when Mr. Wilson stepped on it last year. It was all my fault really. But I do like my fingers. A lot. So I don’t want to, you know, lose one? Which might happen if Mr. Wilson sees me typing on his keyboard without asking.

So. Um. Mr. Wilson’s not here right now, and I wanted to show you something I just got. I got it in the mail! It was very exciting!! And I knew you’d all want to see it, because you’re such big fans of Mr. Wilson, just like me! But it has to be our little secret, ok? I don’t think Mr. Wilson would really understand why I paid my hard-earned allowance for..well…a My Little Pony.

But I know you’ll understand!

Isn’t he the prettiest thing you ever did see? I mean. Um. The most bad-ass? That’s totally what I mean! THE MOST BAD-ASS THING YOU EVER DID SEE!