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October 6, 2010


Gooooood evenin’, my fearless fans! And what’re we up to this evenin’? Ridin’ our manly scooters around town? Havin’ enchiladas by th’ fire? Spendin’ some “quality time” with a hot-as-chili-peppers blonde babe in spurs? (If ya knowwhatimean?)

No? Well TOO BAD FER YOU. But cheer up! Even if yer evenin’s more borin’ than Tasky after he watches hours’a Ben Stein, Deadpool’s here ta rescue ya from complete misery! How? WELL I’LL TELL YA HOW!

By bringin’ ya th’ second installment’a comics from that dynamically dysfunctional duo, foresthouse an’ Marc Vuletich! Remember how a bunch’a you raised yer hands fer another comic last time? Well it worked! Do it again, an’ ya might even get a third one. WHO CAN SAY?

And even more excitin’: this time, th’ comic was featured, along with foresthouse‘s article Why Ryan Reynolds Must Play Deadpool: A Fan’s Perspective, on th’ ReelzChannel movie news website! Go foresthouse! *highfive*

So head on over an’ read that, ya feebs, an’ check out th’ comic there too, or, if ya want to, read it right here:

We DO look a lot alike, don’ we?

September 11, 2010

The Greatest Collaboration OF ALL TIIIIIMEEEE. (Mwahahahaha.)

After months…after years…well ok, after at least a buncha weeks…DEADPOOL’S BACK! That’s right, feebs, I been away in th’ UK but now I’m back in th’ office, and I come over ta this here journal bearin’ shiny amazin’ gifts th’ likes’a which you all NEVER seen before (no really. You never. ‘Cause this is a totally new thing. An’ YOU get ta see it FIRST). That’s right! Deadpool [refers to self in third person, likes long walks in th’ armory, now has a penchant fer Jaffa Cakes] has brought you kids a really early Christmas pressie: a COLLABORATION. Between the minds of geniuses (well they think so) – foresthouse an’ Marc Vuletich. An’ it comes in th’ form of: A COMIC (the first a’many, they claim).

So: enjoy!

‘It’s still topical, we swear! Well it was when we thought it up.’

January 31, 2010

Our Number One Fan on a Podcast!

Hey, fans of our fearless leader! (Um, that’s Mr. Wilson. In case that wasn’t clear). News from Mr. Wilson is that he’s “totally comin’ back from my nex’ job an’ answerin’ some questions, real soon, I swear on Tasky’s stupid skully mask thingie!

But while you’re waiting, we thought you might like to know that our Number One Fan (foresthouse) was on a geek-stuff-related podcast (Made of Fail) in the last week or so, and it’s now up for download on iTunes and the podcast’s main LJ community. True, foresthouse isn’t anywhere near as cool as DEADPOOL, but she *does* help us out around here sometimes, and there’s mention of Ask Deadpool on the podcast, so you might be interested in giving it a listen. (Other topics include literature, particularly Discworld and Terry Pratchett’s Unseen Academicals.)

Here’s the link!

Go download it, and we promise we’ll stop talking about foresthouse and put Bob back on here to answer questions and share recipes. Maybe.

See you all around!

♥ Sandi ♥

P.S. Bonus! Hidden Deadpool wallpaper that appears to be NOT on the official Deadpool wallpaper search. See? We are totally on topic around here!

January 25, 2010

Belated Christmas Presents Fer All! (Yeah, I never could keep track’a th’ holidays)

Gooooooood evening, my little chimichangas! How’s things out in th’ land o’ spice? Yeah, I don’ know either. But it doesn’t matter, ’cause I’m here ta tell ya how things are in th’ land o’ reindeer an’ candycanes an’ toys: they’re black-an-white-an-cool-all-over!

That’s right, feebs! foresthouse sent over those other black-an-white pics she’s been hintin’ at, an’ now, fer your very own viewin’ pleasure, I can present:

A little excursion inta th’ land’a misfit toys!

January 20, 2010

Amazing Artistry of the Adroitest Kind

Hey, all you krazy kids out there! Guess what my Number One Fan, foresthouse, just sent me? Go on, GUESS! Ah, you’ll never guess, so I’ll just tell ya! She sent me the black-an-white (a.k.a. pencil an’ ink) versions of that fun an’ freaky Doc Oc story from Deadpool 900. Remember that? The one with the ping-pong balls? YEAH.

Apparently the totally talented Nathan Massengill sent them to her, like, MONTHS ago, an’ she just now remembered ’em. WHAT A FEEB. Even if she is my biggest fan. ANYwhoodle, since I know how much y’all love my fearsome mug, in color OR in black-an-white, I’ma share these digital bits of art with you RIGHT NOW. (Pencils by Sanford “Racing Frogs Are Fun” Greene, inks by Nathan “Awesomest Guy Ever” Massengill.)

Yeah, I rock. Ya don’t need ta tell me. But you can anyway if ya want.

Yay! Now it’s arty time, arty time, ink ink ink!