Give the girl a cookie. Or a vote!

Leapin’ lizards in a Lambourghini, my fearless fans! I gotta admit I don’t usually do this, but my No. 1 fan foresthouse gave me the big virtual puppy-dog eyes and asked me to pass along this little message to all my friends (that’d be YOU, feebs). An’ I can’t say no to a cute blonde with puppy-dog eyes, can I? (Even if they are virtual an’ all!) So here goes. foresthouse says:

Dear Deadpool,

The new Wolverine movie is coming out soon, and they’re doing a contest to decide where to hold the premiere. The town with the most votes wins. If your fans want to vote for their hometown, that’s totally cool, but if any of your fans don’t feel any particular desire to vote for their own hometowns, could they maybe go to the X-Men Origins: Wolverine contest site and vote for Washington, D.C. to host the premiere of the movie? (They can use the zip code 20005 if they want – it’s a central DC location.) I figure it actually has a chance of winning since it’s a big city. And then maybe for once I can actually see a real live movie star. Which would be exciting, yo. Especially if his name rhymed with, say, Buyin’ Kennels. Or Blue Pacman. Or even, We’ve…um…ok, nothing rhymes with Schreiber. But he’s cool too.

I promise that if they show up in my city I will take oodles of pictures and write about it and post things and stuff. Lots of stuff.


Your bestest fan ever,

So there’s that, then! And, uh, Sandi tells me if I don’t start answerin’ questions soon she’s gonna take away the feng shui fountain she bought me last week for bein’ such a good boss. So, yeah, I’ll be doin’ that REAL SOON (Because I love my fountain. It is sparkly.)

So stay tuned!

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