The Way of Deadpool is Not So Zen

New toy! New toy! It’s like Christmas on the Internets!!! Well, fer you feebs it is anyway. Why’s that, you ask? WELL I’LL TELL YOU WHY. ‘Cause after Bob showed me this crazy little “Twitter” thing (yeah, I can’t tell ya either, but it’s what all the cool kids’re doin’) I decided it would be the BEST PLACE EVER to take my good pal amejisuto up on her suggestion that I churn out “a guide for newbie mercenaries.” So from now on, I’m gonna be updatin’ it daily weekly whenever I feel like it with awesome advice and tips on how to be more like ME.

Check it out here, or from the Merc Werc link on the right!

…Man, I’m so cool.

23 Comments to “The Way of Deadpool is Not So Zen”

  1. You gonna copy paste your classiest tweets for those of us twits too absent-minded to keep track of them over there?

  2. Cool beans! I look forward to learning a few things from the Sensei of Slaying.
    OOH! I found a couple of funny Halloween links and thought of you … well, Marvel Zombies at any rate. Here’s a couple of links in case something like that happens in this reality: Zombie Plans Part One, Zombie Plans Part Two.
    Speaking of Halloween …
    Dear Deadpool,
    What are your top five favorite horror movies? You know, the ones that scared the bejeebus out of even you?
    Happy Haunting!

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