Happy Haikus and Hinky Hijinks!

This conversation with amejisuto inspired me.

…to poetry, of course!

Happy Haikus
By, Deadpool


Like the red and black?
I am totally awesome.
Here, have a grenade!


I jumped on your back.
You screamed like a little girl.
Orca X, you wuss!

Red Dress!

Why’s it take so long
For Sandi to draw my ass?
She is really slow!


Who would guess they’re fake?
Her mutant power has to be
Her bodacious boobs!


His hair is girly;
His hammer is so studly;
I am all confused!

Fix the TV!

Holes in the TV.
Taskmaster made me angry;
Now his foot is stuck.

I don’t get it!

What’s a battlestar?
Is it a star that fights you?
He is such a nerd!


I like the red one;
Don’t like the green sprinkle one.
Dumb Bob poisoned it!


It was only once!
We didn’t kiss or nothin’!
Just mixed up our genes.

Hellooo, NURSE!

What’s she see in him?
I’m way more bendy and stuff
And scars are so hot.


Now where did she go?
Only Orca and I know.
Tricksy Mary-o.

P.S. New moodtheme! W00t!

Oh, and before all you feebs write in all, “You keep saying you don’t care two figs and a dentist’s drill about Cable, so why is he in half of these pics, huh?” The answer is:

foresthouse wrote to me:

Dear Deadpool,

addygryff and I made this Mood Theme just for you. Will you please accept this gift of our love? I’m sure Weasel can help you install it on your journal!

♥ Em

And, well, I couldn’t refuse a gift, now, could I? Especially one that came in part from my favorite little süß, addygryff. Even if it does mean the Mutant Messiah Wannabe is going to be all over my journal from now on. Whatever. I’ll just ignore all the moods he’s in. I’m used to doing that.

5 Comments to “Happy Haikus and Hinky Hijinks!”

  1. “oh noetry poetry” is now officially the best tag ever. Figures it’d come from you, being the best thing ever.

    • Well, I can’t take all the credit – I got it from some gal who writes about Toothpaste for Dinner (sounds like practical multi-tasking to me. Brushing teeth is so booooring.). But a’course she never thought to make it into a shiny tag or nothin’. That was ALL me!

  2. Wow. I’m honored to give you inspiration. And they’re great! You really captured the feeling of haiku. I’d write something for you but it’s hard to rhyme Nantucket with machine gun.
    Here’s a new question for you to ponder:
    Dear Deadpool,
    If you could guest star on any TV show, past or present, which one would you choose?
    OH! And before I forget, have a Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day this Friday! I figure that’s one of your national holidays or something.

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