Bon-journo, my Brilliantly Bouffanted Beauties!

Hey hey, my little heifers! It seems like we’re gettin’ new readers over here every day; we’ve reached a whole 35 folks now, and I am just…well, I would say amazed, but then, who wouldn’t want to read pages and pages of my wise wise wisdom?

I am glad fer the company, though, (gets a bit lonely when Sandi’s gone to her stupid naked-people drawing class, and Tasky’s decided to pretend he’s too cool for us again, the weenie) so here’s a little shout-out/hello to anyone who’s just found The Most Awesome Blog EVER. Welcome to my Fortress of Cool, and all that good stuff — but don’t eat all the little croissants Bob baked while you’re here, or next time I’ll be welcoming you with a big sai through the stomach!

Haha, I kid. Really. No, really. Welcome.

And just for kicks, feel free to let me know how you happened to find my Fortress of Cool, ’cause maybe I need to hide it better. And to ask me questions. And to tell all your friends what they’re missin’ for not readin’ up on my awesome antics here.

And now, just for you, a fun link that someone sent me the other day – otherwise known as More Evidence of Why I Am So Cool: My very own page on TV Tropes!

See? So cool.


7 Comments to “Bon-journo, my Brilliantly Bouffanted Beauties!”

  1. All by yourself? That’s not very worksafe for anyone.
    Anyhow, I stumbled across this little page a month or so ago off of the Deadpool Bugle. Very entertaining!
    Not too sure what I should be asking, but I can give it a go.
    Who’d be your ideal sidekick, eh?

  2. alone?
    dude your never alone when you have us around
    but I have to ask how “Orca” X made it out the door?
    and I found you by way of my awsome meter

  3. :innocent look: Most people would say that you found me.
    But to join in the fun, I was instructed by one of our mutual friends where this was and the rest is history.

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