Happy Birthday to meeeeeee! No living in treeeeeees!

What’s happenin’, my charming compadres?

Got some news here on the homefront: I finally figured out what you’re supposed to do with that “profile” page ‘n’ stuff, so today I updated mine. In case you’ve been confused by all the mooks that roam unchecked through my existence and my journal entries, there’s now some info on Key Mooks right up there where you can see it anytime. So go check it out and stuff!

Gold stars and a free turtle to those who realized today is my birthday and wished me a happy one. Today I am officially 152 years older than Wolverine – but I don’t look a day over 25! (Check out that icon.) W00t! Well, ok, maybe that’s not actually how old I am, but you don’t think I’d tell you the real answer now, do you? A man’s got to have some mystery, or the gals won’t keep flocking to him like flies on a dead cow!

Most years I don’t really tell anyone it’s my birthday, because birthdays kinda remind me of bad things (Don’t. Ask.) but Sandi’s started checking up on this journal to make sure I’m not saying anything too incriminating (or maybe because she wants to make sure none of you lovely ladies are trying to steal my heart away from my number one love; i.e. killing people) and she saw it was my birthday too. (And I notice it’s also skeletontrees‘s birthday, so Happy Birthday, July 7th Birthday Twin! Are you just like me? I bet you are!) So Sandi invited some folks over and had Bob cook up a HYDRA-Approved Non-Lethal Class Four Lemon Cake (Shredded Coconut Optional), and Outlaw and Weasel strapped Orca X to the Barca-lounger to make sure we all got a piece before he had his. The cake was fantastic, and nobody even died! Bob was very proud.

Outlaw had to invite her doofy boyfriend to the party, of course, but for once he didn’t grump at me about anything. In fact, I think he might have actually wished me a happy birthday, although it sounded more like, “Wahwah wahwah, Wade!” Hm. Sandi invited Irene over too, although she’s kinda a wet blanket. I guess I can give her a pass on that, though, since trying to get along with Nate for as long as she did would drive anyone to blah-dom. The cake cheered her up some, and the “Pin the Devil Tail on Cable” game I dreamed up sometime between playing Musical Handguns and Hot Grenade with everyone really made her smile. After the games we all threw back a brew and watched some old reruns of Maude. Good times! After that everyone else fell asleep, but I didn’t feel like having the clown nightmares tonight, so I decided to stay up and order in some late-night Chinese. Nothin’ like some Moo Shoo Pork to really say, “Happy Birthday to Me!”

I know some of you have Questions I haven’t Answered yet, but Never Fear! Deadpool is here, and will be getting back on the Question-Answering Horse tomorrow. For now, though, my fortune cookie tells you: Constant grinding turn iron rod into tiny needle.

Oh, those wacky Chinese!

12 Comments to “Happy Birthday to meeeeeee! No living in treeeeeees!”

  1. Happy Birthday, cutie pie! 😉

  2. please don’t kill me, I’m too young and innoocent to die
    You know, I’m afraid I don’t have any spare diamonds lying around at the moment, and since I’m supposed to keep some money on the side so I can read some of your older stuff that prolly won’t change too soon.
    However.. I erm.. made something, in which I actually put some time and effort, even though it doesn’t exactly look it.
    Hope you’ll still like me after you’ve seen it. ;P
    Also, you know, tell me if you feel that I’m spamming here too much. ;P

    • Re: please don’t kill me, I’m too young and innoocent to die
      Why I could never kill you, little miss Adelaide (is your name Adelaide? If not, it should be!) And you know I like to talk to people, so spamming is not in question!
      Now, let’s see here…OH MY! Well, I am impressed. Particularly around the belt-buckle region. Can I get me one of those? It’ll go great on the ol’ bookshelf, and then I can tell Spider-man I have even more figurines than he does next time I see him!

      • That’s comforting, you know. 🙂
        And while my name is not Adelaide, it sure does sound rather nice. I’ll take it into consideration if I should ever be in need for another alias.
        Come to think of it.. quick question! If I was all super-powered and awesome, what should I call myself?
        Sure thing! I’m always happy to help out in the merchandise wars.

  3. Good day, Sr. ‘Pool,
    1. Were you born snarky, or did you have to work at it? Or, to put in another way . . . have you always been an asshole, darling?
    2. Have you ever worn women’s underwear, and if so, what kind and do you have any pictures?
    3. What is your favourite vivverid?
    4. Should my girlfriend pierce her tongue?
    5. In the interest of irritating you and repeating questions, how’s that cock taste? And did you know someone made two Cable/Deadpool fanmixes? Heh.
    Yours truly,
    P.S. I’m German, incidentally. Hopefully that’ll make you less inclined to shank me.

  4. Oh, and happy birthday and suchlike. Actually, another question’s occurred to me: what flavour of cake do you enjoy? An excellent tool in personality assessment, is that.

  5. best. profile. ever.
    and a question: if you could be in any classic black-and-white movie, what would it be? Doesn’t even have to be in English.

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